USAPECS is collaborating with IARPC (Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee) to host a new Early Career Forum on the IARPC Collaborations website.


The Early Career Forum on IARPC provides a forum for anyone wishing to connect with the early career community to share information, news, and events relevant to early career development.   


We invite members of the USAPECS and APECS communities to join IARPC to engage directly with the Arctic research community. There are several reasons to join the IARPC community including opportunities to:   

  • Share your research. Spread the word on your published research, projects, and engagement activities with your peers. 

  • Post relevant news, events, and opportunities to share with the IARPC community and fellow early career members.

  • Engage with other scientists, program managers, and Arctic stakeholders.

  • Attend and participate in periodic collaboration team meetings and webinars relevant to your interests. Collaboration teams include: Marine Ecosystems, Sea Ice, Glaciers & Sea Level, Permafrost, Terrestrial Ecosystems, Atmosphere, Health & Well-being, and more! 

  • Access a network of other individuals identifying as early career to develop interdisciplinary collaborations.


Visit to sign in or request an account and join the Early Career Forum!

Last updated September 2020

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