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2019 ECR Events

Learn about the ECR events being hosted by and in collaboration with USAPECS and other Polar Organisations.

Schedule of USAPECS events at AGU

  1. Early Career Workshop (YESS, YHS, USAPECS)

  2. USAPECS Navigating Your Early Career Panel 

  3. USAPECS Early Career Social Event 

  4. USAPECS Meeting

  5. 2019 Arctic Research Community Reception (USAPECS collaboration)

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2019 Early Career Panel

This panel session focused on discussing: (1) Navigating Your Early Career and Beyond; (2) With panelists from the polar and alpine early career researcher communities; (3) This panel will continue the discussion stared from our blog series that discusses the challenges and opportunities encountered in your early career. 

Date: Monday, Dec. 9th 2019

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Place: Career Center Theater Poster Hall, Moscone South Rooms 5-6 LL

Join us Monday evening @ 7pm for an Early Career Social Event at Golden Gate Tap Room.


2018 Early Career Panel

This panel session focused on discussing: (1) the current challenges facing minority groups and women in our disciplines, such as barriers to entry for underrepresented groups, sexual harassment at work and in the field, and representation of indigenous knowledge in the polar sciences; (2) what we as individuals can do to bring these issues to the forefront of conversations in scientific organizations and universities; and (3) strategies to promote diversity and inclusion of underrepresented perspectives in the polar sciences. Panelists will offer perspectives based on their own experiences and questions will be taken from the audience.

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